Build-an-Eye Workshop | gadgITERATION

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• concept & research
• prototyping, user testing & building the hardware
• visual design of supporting infographics & instructions
• running the workshop @ the New York Hall of Science

The Build-An-Eye workshop was developed to enable participants to explore and create an analog + digital model of the retina, demonstrating connections between our microscopic internal biological systems and human designed technologies.

Initiated through Parsons, the New School for Design it is part of the gadITERATION project which is “a series of hands-on, student directed design workshops that encourage a creative and artistic engagement with technology through a focus on the intersection of technological and design literacies.” more at

Designed for an audience of high school students, the concept is to communicate an new understanding of how the vision system works, and to push the concept that your body is a system made up of specific components that have analogies to other systems, and in this case very directly to a simple circuit.

At the end of the workshop the participants learn:
• the basic flow of electricity in a circuit and it’s relation to a biological circuit.
• an understanding of the body as a complex system of connected components.
• the basic circuity of the retina and an intro the vision system.

Prototyping & Testing
Workshop support materials
Workshop @ The New York Hall of Science