MATTER | graphic design, typography, art direction

Art Director + Designer + Printshop Manager (2006-2011)

MATTER:   a unique strategic design, typographic, and communications consultancy in Denver, CO.

Responsibilities while at MATTER:
• Conceptual and visual development of branding and identity projects from client brief to finished designs.
• As art director I worked with clients, the creative director and a team of designers to meet print, web, motion, and messaging design needs.
• Design for the MATTERIAL product line. This included product prototyping, production, packaging, identity/branding & website.
• Printing using letterpress, offset, and screen printing presses - producing paper products, posters, business cards, stationery, and design tools for clients and the studio.
• Managing the printshop and training new staff in design and printing procedures and processes.
• Production of art and collaboration with creative director/founder Rick Griffith on DesignArt/ArtDesign projects (the art output of MATTER).

BELOW: Projects I worked on at MATTER

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MATTERIAL - the product brand of MATTER. I worked on the products, packaging, web, brand design & marketing as well as printing & producing the products out of the studio's printshop.

Print Design & Art Prints - work & collabrations with various clients, artists and institutions.

Letterpress Prints & Design - MATTER employs and teaches letterpress printing as a method of production and experimentation, a key practice to the studio that has typography at it's core.

Identity Design & Branding - These visual design systems were applied across a wide variety of client needs including, environmental signage, motion graphics, websites, packaging design and more.

Process Photos - Making / Printing @ Matter