Retinal Prosthesis | information graphics

Contract / Client

•  Dr. Ashish Kishore Ahuja


• The Argus™ II retinal prosthesis | information graphics for publication


• information graphic design
• design / illustration of retinal components
• layout design for publication

Freelance contract work for Dr. Ashish Kishore Ahuja & Dr. Matthew R. Behrend to develop key illustrations and information design elements for their submission to Science Direct. This included scientifically accurate graphic illustrations of basic retinal circuitry and the information graphic for the “Effect of electrode-retina distance on perceptual threshold”. In short - they figured out how to hook a video camera directly to your brain. 

“The Argus™ II retinal prosthesis: Factors affecting patient selection for implantation Progress in Retinal and Eye Research” Published in Science Direct 06/14/2013