Johnson & Johnson | Tylenol Mobile Web

Contract / Client

• contract work for HipCricket (agency) / Johnson & Johnson (client)

Project Goals:

• mobile re-launch of website
• re-design of product selector / product recommendation flow


• graphic design
• wireframes & flow
• producing comps and specs for engineering team

I worked as contract designer on a small creative team that included a ux lead and creative director. Johnson & Johnson needed a mobile friendly version of their site along with improvements in their product selection / recommendation flow.

We worked with the client to design an updated, clean, mobile friendly design of their web content. We also worked on the secondary goal of improving the product selection flow, which evolved from a confusing list of dropdowns to a user friendly icon based system that guided the customer to relevant products based on their needs.

Wireframes & icon design for product selection

Visual design / spec documents

Final responsive website for mobile