Typography | Design Experiments & Research

Learning to master new tools and processes is key to my design practice. I keep it fresh by designing & executing self-initated projects for research and experimentation.

Digital Fabrication x Typography 

Project Name: type.revolution

My first exploration in digital fabrication & typography was realized as part of my MFA at Parsons. The goal was to illustrate typographic contrast in a new way.

The project brings the letterform F into the 3rd dimension and realizes this same transformation across a series of type families. By bringing the letterform into the 3rd dimension, it's geometry is amplified which provides a new perspective for the viewer to appreciate the contrast in forms.

Cooper Black F
Futura F
Clarendon Bold F
Nofret Bold F

3D Models
Final 3D forms were selected by studying the contrast resulting from applying the process to a range of type families across history.

Coding (OpenFrameworks) x Typography 

Experiments creating typography with code. Below are some screenshots/results of an exploration I did for an album cover.